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April 03, 2019

Absurd Person Singular

The play takes place over three Christmases in the kitchens of three couples: 

Sidney Hopcroft, an ambitious tradesman, and his submissive and house proud wife Jane;

Architect and serial adulterer Geoffrey Jackson and his depressed wife Eva;

Ronald Brewster-Wright, a rather pleased-with-himself banker, and his alcoholic wife Marion.

The device of setting the play in the kitchens rather than the main living rooms lets us experience the wild comedy of behind the scenes disasters at the Christmas parties. However we become conscious of a darker side to the story, namely the advance of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence accompanied by the decline of the others. 

Director - Michael Tackley

Producer - Lucinda Rowe


Sidney Hopcroft - Mark Savage

Jane Hopcroft - Janet Tackley

Geoff Jackson - Trevor Clark

Alison Gibbs - Eva Jackson

Ronald Brewster-Wright - Phill Brown

Marion Brewster-Wright - Jill Rogers


Director - Michael Tackley

Producer - Lucinda Rowe

Stage Manager - Paul Kerswill

Bar - Edward Picken & Team

Box Office & Tickets - Stella Turner

Front of House - Ann Peters & Team

Lights - Stuart Clark

Photography - Julia Hawkins

Poster & Programme Design - Roger Burton

Prompt - Rosie Hamilton-McLeod

Props - Maxine Shearer

Publicity - Mark Sadler

Set Construction - Graham Gibbs, Marc de Salis, Paul Kerswill, Dave Tinney & Dud Gentle

Set Design - Graham Gibbs

Sound - Clive Griffin

Stage Crew - Alan Gibbs, Phil Carroll, Paul Ribbans

Wardrobe - Ruth Smith

Wardrobe Consultant - Valmai Guess

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