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November 20, 2019

Aladdin (2019)

Director - Janet Tackley

Producer - Stella Turner

Musical Director - Lucinda Rowe


Abanazer - Trevor Clark

Spirit of the Ring - Julia Hawkins

Aladdin - Danielle Peters

Wishee Washee - Justine McCreith

Widow Twankey - Luke Crouch

Yu-Dun-Wong - Paul Kerswill

Hu-Dun-Pong - Sue Kennedy

The Emperor - Chris Peters

Princess Mandarin - Sophie Carroll

So-Shy - Ruby Clark

Swing Lo - Stella Turner

Sweet Chariot - Kriszta Remenyi

Tango Dancers - Mary Hollingdale & Mark Savage

Viola Player - Emily Clark

Spirits of the Cave - Victoria Manford & Paul Ribbans

Genie of the Lamp - Michael Tackley

Ahmed - Graham Gibbs

The Camel - Wendy Court & Kriszta Remenyi

Mummy - Dave Tinney

Chorus - Wendy Court, Sophie Davies, Graham Gibbs, Mary Hollingdale, Victoria Manford, Kriszta Remenyi, Paul Ribbans, Jill Rogers, Antonietta Tinney, Dave Tinney & Stella Turner

Junior Chorus - Amelie Barclay, Sophie Eva, Chloe Eva, Sasha Kewell, Sophie McCreith, Elodie Peters, Skye Simmons & Erin Watts-McCormack


Director - Janet Tackley

Producer - Stella Turner

Musical Director - Lucinda Rowe

Music arranged and orchestrated by Rob Brand, Charlie Pinkstone, Lucinda Rowe, Thomas Rowe with thanks to Clifton Hughes and Duncan Sykes..

Band - Duncan Sykes, Gary Steward & Howard Etherington

Rehearsal Pianists - Clifton Hughes, Thomas Rowe, Mary de Salis & Duncan Sykes

Choreographer - Mark Savage

Costumes - Maggie Barton, Valmai Guess & Harlequin Costume Hire

Poster & Programme Design - Roger Burton

Stage Manager - Phill Carroll

Stage Crew - Olly Barclay, Alison Gibbs & Alan Gibbs

Set Design - Graham Gibbs & Victoria Turner

Set Construction - Graham Gibbs, Paul Kerswill, Chris Peters, Michael Tackley & Dave Tinney

Set Painting - Victoria Turner & Team

Lights - Stuart Clark & Jake McCreith

Sound - Clive Griffin

Props - Maxine Shearer

Props from The Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, St. Francis College, Letchworth and handmade by Sue Kennedy.

Front of House Manager - Ann Peters & Team

Bar Manager - Edward Picken & Team

Box Office Coordinator - Stella Turner

Ticket Sales - Pirton Village Shop

Chaperones - Parents

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