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March 01, 2000


This later-than-normal post-Christmas treat was well worth the wait. The tremendous variety of music, very able led by the super piano-flute-percussion combo had the audience reaching in their memory for the name of the stage musical from which they were cherry-picked.

The key characters were all strong – Prince Charming and Cinderella nicely o.t.t. The Ugly Sisters LARGER than life were a hoot, while Baron Hangover’s obvious ad-libbing was brilliant, with the Baroness the ideal foil with than tremendous fish-wife screech! Buttons or Lord Stoneleigh was a delight, taking enormous pleasure in leading the stage-hand youngsters in their beat music dance sessions – a nice touch.

As for the black leather-clad Hell’s Angel Fairy Godmother, that has got to be the most original slant of all, excellent pulled off. The chorus were well rehearsed and displayed the usual Pirton Players enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment so characteristic of all these Village Hall productions over recent years.


There were no awkward silences in this fast-moving very entertaining evening, with the cherry on the top being the lighting engineers beautifully contrived pretend blowing up of the entire electrics – talk about a Webb-site!


Signed – an ex-sixth prize winner in the Decorated Pumpking Section (1972 Season) – Rodney Hampson.

Stage Director - Dud Gentle
Musical Director - Margaret Johnson
Producers - Kate Gibbs & Paul Kerswill

Baron Hangover  -  Dennis Sexton
Baroness Hangover  -  Lorna Sexton
Buttons  -  Lou Robinson
Chorus  -  Katy Guess
Chorus  -  Harry Bethel
Chorus  -  Liz Chapman
Chorus  -  Julie Dawson
Chorus  -  Gena Edwards
Chorus  -  Fizz Gibbs
Chorus  -  Hilda Handscombe
Chorus  -  Helen Hofton
Chorus  -  Sue Kennedy
Chorus  -  Jill Rogers
Chorus  -  Jan Simmons
Chorus  -  Viv Tyler
Chorus  -  Helen Walker
Chorus  -  Tom Gammell
Chorus  -  Graham Gibbs
Chorus  -  Peter Johnson
Chorus  -  Dominique Alexander
Chorus  -  Hannah Dawson
Chorus  -  Eleanor Dawson
Chorus  -  Jude Kerswill
Chorus  -  Valentina Sexton
Chorus  -  Sarah Milton
Chorus  -  Emma Southam
Chorus  -  Juliet Alexander
Cinderella  -  Alex Hart
Fairy Godmother  -  Sarah Farr
Prince Charming  -  Maxine Shearer
Ugly Sister  -  Richard Farr
Ugly Sister  -  Paul Ribbans

Box Office  -  Susie Welch
Choreographer  -  Paul Kerswill
Choreographer  -  Helen Walker
Choreographer  -  Valmai Guess
Costumes  -  Helen Walker
Costumes  -  Valmai Guess
Costumes  -  Penny Picken
Costumes  -  Gena Edwards
Drums  -  Karl Wagner
Flute  -  Sylvia Fairley
Front of House  -  Kate Gibbs
Lighting  -  Bill Steadman
Lighting  -  Stephen Thorpe
Lighting  -  John Hayes
Lighting  -  Derek Webb
Lighting  -  Chris Stimson
Make-up  -  Jeannie Jungreuthmayer
Make-up  -  Julia Thorpe
Make-up  -  Fran Manning
Musical Director  -  Margaret Johnson
Poster Design  -  Mike James
Poster Design  -  Vic Copleston
Producer  -  Kate Gibbs
Producer  -  Paul Kerswill
Props  -  Liz Gentle
Publicity  -  Penny Picken
Publicity  -  Kate Gibbs
Publicity  -  Pam Finbow
Refreshments  -  Pam Finbow
Rehearsal Pianist  -  Susie Welch
Rehearsal Pianist  -  Roger Blackburn
Set Construction  -  Neil Shearer
Set Design  -  Sue Kennedy
Sound  -  Dave Wallace
Stage Director  -  Dudley Gentle

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