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March 11, 1999

Pirates of Penzance

Our Thanks (Again) To The Pirton Players!

We have become so used to the high standard set by the Pirton Players, that it was hardly a surprise to find their recent production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s ‘Pirates of Penzance’ to be of the highest order. Playing to four packed audiences the Players gave everyone over two hours of huge enjoyment. A super show.

The production was first class: acting, singing musical accompaniment. Costumes & design, wardrobe, properties and sets were all excellent. The lighting and sound, decoration of the village hall, catering, bar and front of house were equally good. Whilst hesitant to mention any particular individuals (everyone was good) one should make particular mention of Margaret Johnson and Paul Kerswill, whose combined skills gave us all such a memorable occasion. Thank you – to everyone involved. [Review taken from Pirton Parish Magazine]

Stage Director - Paul Kerswill

Musical Director - Margaret Johnson

Apprentice Pirate  -  Harry Bethel
Apprentice Pirate  -  Eleanor Dawson
Apprentice Pirate  -  Hannah Dawson
Apprentice Pirate  -  Sophie Hobbs
Apprentice Pirate  -  Polly Jaynes
Apprentice Pirate  -  Victoria Jaynes
Apprentice Pirate  -  Kaffe Jungreuthmayer
Apprentice Pirate  -  Nina Lake
Apprentice Pirate  -  Sarah Lake
Apprentice Pirate  -  Jude Kerswill
Apprentice Pirate  -  Valentina Sexton
Apprentice Pirate  -  Emma Southam
Chaperone  -  Fizz Gibbs
Chaperone  -  Jill Rogers
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Helen Walker
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Helen Wallace
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Kate Leafhead
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Laura Lloyd-Smith
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Sarah Farr
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Sonia Clarke
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Liz Chapman
Daughter of General Stanley  -  Katy Guess
Edith  -  Victoria Tackley
Isobel  -  Lou Robinson
Kate  -  Gena Edwards
Mabel  -  Maxine Shearer
Major-General Stanley  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Pirate  -  Fizz Gibbs
Pirate  -  Hilda Handscombe
Pirate  -  Ann Fausset
Pirate  -  Julie Dawson
Pirate  -  Helen Hofton
Pirate  -  Stephen Jaynes
Pirate  -  Peter Johnson
Pirate  -  Sue Kennedy
Pirate  -  Keiron Jones
Pirate  -  Ruth Moustaquim
Pirate  -  Roger Southam
Pirate  -  Douglas Tackley
Policeman  -  Dudley Gentle
Policeman  -  Leonard Gibbons
Policeman  -  Stephen Jaynes
Policeman  -  Judy McDonnell
Policeman  -  Paul Ribbans
Policeman  -  Douglas Tackley
Policeman  -  Roger Southam
Policeman  -  Keiron Jones
Ruth  -  Valmai Guess
Samuel  -  Roger Blackburn
Sergeant of Police  -  Peter Johnson
The Pirate King  -  Michael Tackley

Box Office  -  Juliet Alexander
Catering  -  Pam Finbow
Costume & Design  -  Helen Walker
Flute  -  Sylvia Fairley
Front of House  -  Kate Gibbs
Hall Decor  -  Juliet Alexander
Hall Decor  -  Penny Picken
Hall Decor  -  Susie Welch
Hall Decor  -  Julie Dawson
Lighting  -  Derek Webb
Lighting  -  Stephen Thorpe
Lighting  -  Chris Stimson
Make-up  -  Dawn Ribbans
Make-up  -  Julia Thorpe
Make-up  -  Fran Manning
Make-up  -  Jan Simmons
Musical Director  -  Margaret Johnson
Oboe  -  Helen Walker
Piano  -  Margaret Johnson
Poster & Programme Design  -  Mike James
Printing  -  Stuart Alexander
Printing  -  Pam Finbow
Props  -  Laura Woodward
Props  -  Liz Gentle
Props  -  Don Johnson
Set Construction & Design  -  Sue Kennedy
Set Construction & Design  -  Julie Dawson
Set Construction & Design  -  Brian Sommerville
Set Construction & Design  -  Graham Gibbs
Set Construction & Design  -  Dave Timson
Set Construction & Design  -  Liz Willis
Set Construction & Design  -  Richard Farr
Set Construction & Design  -  Dudley Gentle
Set Construction & Design  -  Tim Welch
Set Construction & Design  -  Geoff Welch
Sound  -  Dave Wallace
Sound  -  Kathryn Wallace
Stage Director  -  Paul Kerswill
Stage Manager  -  Paul Kerswill
Wardrobe Mistress  -  Bren Timson

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