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Absurd Person Singular

As the curtain falls for the last time on High Society it is time to look to the future. For our Spring production I am directing a play by Alan Ayckbourn called Absurd Person Singular. The performance dates will be 4 to 6 April 2019 so that means that we need to cast the play before Christmas so that we can hit the ground running in January 2019. The cast is three men and three women. All of these are excellent character parts and it was very popular both at a play reading and at the Taster.

The play takes place over three Christmases in the kitchens of three couples: 

Sidney Hopcroft, an ambitious tradesman, and his submissive and house proud wife Jane;

Architect and serial adulterer Geoffrey Jackson and his depressed wife Eva;

Ronald Brewster-Wright, a rather pleased-with-himself banker, and his alcoholic wife Marion.

The device of setting the play in the kitchens rather than the main living rooms lets us experience the wild comedy of behind the scenes disasters at the Christmas parties. However we become conscious of a darker side to the story, namely the advance of the Hopcrofts to material prosperity and independence accompanied by the decline of the others. 

If you want to read a synopsis there is a good one at

I am holding a reading of the play at 7.45pm on Wednesday 28 November at 2, Great Green and whether or not you intend to audition I urge you to come and get to know it.

The Village Hall has been booked for auditions on Sunday 9 December at 2.30pm. If you can’t manage that date but want to audition, just contact me onmotackley@gmail.comor 01462711991 and we will sort something out.



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