AGM - Committee Members & Vacancies

Hello All,

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me wishing to stand for a position on either the Main or Artistic Committee and for those who have sent in apologies.

I have received emails from four members wishing to stand on the Artistic Committee which means we currently have a vacancy. If anyone is interested in the position, please do let me know by Wednesday afternoon at the latest.

The role of Youth Representative has also become available, in the past the responsibilities of this position have not been very clear. The main committee is keen to work with whoever would like to take over this position to develop the role. Again, if you would like to stand for this position, please do let me know by Wednesday afternoon.

Please find details of committee members below: 

Main Committee -

Chairperson - Mark Sadler Vice chair - Loretta Conannon Secretary - Zoë Woodward Treasurer - Tom Gammell Membership Secretary - Sophie Davies Technical Representative - Graham Gibbs Webmaster - Dave Woodward

Artistic Committee -

Lorna Sexton Maxine Shearer Michael Tackley Stella Turner

If you have any queries or questions about the available roles, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to seeing you on Friday at 8pm

Thank you


Pirton Players Secretary


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