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Character descriptions for The Railway Children

BOBBIE The eldest daughter. Roberta. Brave, thoughtful and intelligent. She is considerate and caring and often acts as a mediator, resolving the arguments of her younger siblings. Requires a strong and capable actress, as she acts as narrator for much of the play. Appears briefly as her adult self. On stage throughout.

PETER The middle child. Intelligent and honest. He demonstrates bravery and resilience in the face of danger but does enjoy bickering with his younger sister. Acts as a narrator for some of the play. Appears briefly as his adult self. On stage throughout.

PHYLLIS The youngest child. Phyllis can be naïve; nevertheless, she is imaginative with a sensitive and considerate nature and shows as much heroism as her siblings. Also acts as a narrator for some of the play. Appears briefly as her adult self. On stage throughout.

MOTHER Considerate and resourceful, she does her best to protect her children from the rumours surrounding their father and helps them to adapt to their new lifestyle. She has an incredible capacity for love and, despite the hardships she faces, remains proud and determined. Will need to speak a few lines in French.

PERKS The Station-Master. He befriends the Railway Children and supports them in their time of need as he is a father himself. A proud but friendly and likeable character who provides some comic relief in the play. Yorkshire accent.

FATHER He is caring, hard-working, tolerant and maintains integrity and dignity despite the charges levelled against him.

OLD GENTLEMAN A passenger of the London train that helps the Railway Children in many ways, eventually re-uniting them with their father. ? Yorkshire accent?

DOCTOR The local GP who treats Mother and Mr Szezcpansky. Firm but kindly. Yorkshire Accent

MR SZEZCPANSKY A Russian emigrant that falls ill and is taken in by the Railway Children. This character speaks both Russian and French in the play.

MRS PERKS: The station-master’s wife. Mother to several children including a baby. Gentle, humble but also proud. Can be forceful when needed. ? Yorkshire accent ?

MRS VINEY: A kind-hearted local that supports Mother and looks after the children. Yorkshire accent.

JIM A pupil at the local grammar school who is injured in the railway tunnel during a game of Hare and Hounds.

DISTRICT SUPERINTENDANT of the railway who presents the children with their awards for bravery.

The MAID, COOK and BUTLER at the children’s London home.

The TWO GENTLEMEN who come to arrest the father



All the audition pieces are in the file share section .

Auditions on November 20th 1 1 - 2 and November 23rd 7.45.

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