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Final Word On High Society

Morning everyone,

Firstly, I would like to thank Viv for saying a few words on my behalf at the conclusion of the High Society run on Saturday night. I was disappointed not to be able to do it myself, but I was committed to something else up north.

And now that the dust has settled I want to relay a few things I said to Lorna after seeing the show on Thursday.

I thought it was excellent and just what we need right now, a big fun, feel-good musical. Viv has already shown our appreciation to Stella and Lorna for their efforts in producing and directing High Society, and she will also have mentioned many more of you who played a huge part in making this show a success. But I want to go further and recognise the contribution of Amanda, Clifton and Margaret and to ask you to insert some applause as you read along!

This was a tight, slick production, and for that I want to say a special thank-you to Amanda Vines who worked incredibly hard on the choreography throughout the rehearsal process while at the same time holding down her own part as Liz. Please insert a group round of applause here for Amanda!

Finally, I wanted to say more about the musical direction.

Thank you, Clifton, for not only being our rehearsal pianist, but for all your work teaching the music to the performers while Margaret finished her work with Felici’s production of Don Giovanni in October. This is a complex show musically, and there was a tremendous amount of work involved for Clifton who worked on this from beginning to end and who also deserves a huge round of applause!

And thank you, Margaret, who joined us for the last two weeks of rehearsals – a tough time to come into the process - and I wanted to thank you for your work with the run throughs, dress and shows, for your attention and focus on making sure the score was right for us and the band, and for helping the cast, supporting Clifton. Your final round of applause for Margaret should be inserted here!

Musical shows are popular with Pirton Players. We like performing them, and people who live in the community like to come and see them. It does, however, place a huge pressure on those in our group who have a talent for music and choreography, and we appreciate all the work they do.

Well done to everyone involved in this, you should be very proud of what you delivered last week.

Mark Sadler

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