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'High Society'

Dear All,

First of all a huge thank you to everyone who came to the 'Read Through', 'Sing Through', and then the auditions for our next production. Now, please accept my sincere apologies, those of you who did audition, that you haven't heard anything yet. I do know what it's like to be waiting, and waiting to hear. Not my way at all. However, the problem at the moment is that not enough of the principal parts (mainly men) have been auditioned for and so not enough of the roles have been filled yet to put a list out there. I have decided on a few roles, but cannot drip-feed this information, as Pirton Players have a process.

It is August, not the best month to carry out auditions. My reasons were simple: I won't step on someone else show before beginning my own and so what would usually take place in June/July was somewhat delayed - my choice, rightly or wrongly! We do have a lot of talent out there, so no need to be concerned that we won't have a full cast in place very shortly, but just for now it is a bit longer to wait. Thank you for your patience in this and once again I apologise. As soon as I have filled most principal parts, I will immediately put out the list, I promise you.

Lorna - all the way from Denmark!

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