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'High Society' First Rehearsal

Dear All,

Just to remind everyone in the show that tomorrow's first rehearsal will start at the later time of 3.00 pm. There are a few members of the cast who can't make tomorrow. We will spend the afternoon familiarising ourselves with the music for chorus and those principals who are able to attend. So, plenty to be getting on with. Sunday rehearsal times will be discussed, but will either be a 2.00-5.00pm or 2.30-5.30pm, whichever is the preference of most of the cast.

Wednesday rehearsals will commence at 7.45pm, if everyone is happy with that time. I will put out a list of who should attend on Monday. Of course, if anyone else wishes to come along even if not called, that's absolutely fine. For the time being, Wednesdays will be devoted to the script and Sundays to the singing and choreography.

Thank you.


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