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Me and My Girl

Dear All,

May we first thank everyone who took the time to audition for ‘Me and My Girl’. We had at least 20 people who showed an interest in being a part of the show, which was so heart-warming.

We are very conscious of the fact that we have kept you all waiting rather longer than we intended and we sincerely apologise for that. There were two main reasons for this: firstly, the usual lack of available men to fill some of the principal roles. As you will see, there are still a couple of gaps, but we felt we needed to put out our list of ‘cast so far’ because some of you needed to know where we are thus far and who we have cast. The other important cause of delay is that, hand on heart, this is the toughest decision either of us have had to make as directors regarding our leading lady. All who auditioned were incredibly strong, each of you having something different to offer and almost nothing between you all. We were spoilt for choice, which made decision-making so very hard and required a lot of talking, thinking and ‘sleeping on it’.

We attach our slightly incomplete confirmed cast list, hope some are not too disappointed if you were not successful this time and also hope that anyone who did not get a principal part will still be happy to be a member of the ensemble/ chorus. If there is a specific ensemble part you would like which hasn't yet been filled, please let me know. Otherwise, we will fill those

Cast - 3rd Draft
Download XLSX • 11KB

Margaret's Draft Rehearsal Schedule
Download PDF • 208KB

roles at the start of rehearsals.

Rehearsals will commence at the beginning of September as per normal, Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Margaret has created a first draft of her side of things (attached). I would be very grateful if you could tell me about any dates you know in advance of rehearsals you cannot attend. I will then work around those dates to block who rehearses when.

I will set up a WhatsApp group for principals, for all, and one for crew – so that not everyone needs to be sent messages not applying to them. Thank you.

Attachments x 2

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