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Me and My Girl

Bar Staff Volunteers - Needed please update

Many thanks to all of those that have now volunteered.

I’m looking to fill the Saturday night shift now as all others are covered. As a reminder you will need to be available from 6.50pm as bar opens at 7.00pm and 1.50 pm for the matinee, as bar opens at 2.00pm. We are looking for 3 people per shift, so have a look at the dates below let me know if you are free to get involved:

Wednesday 29th November - Evening

1. Anton

2. Duncan

3. Marina Simmons

Thursday 30th November - Evening

1. Sam

2. Luke Crouch

3. Juliet Alexander

Friday 1st December - Evening

1. Luke Crouch

2. Neville Rowe

3. Caroline (Peter’s?)

Saturday 2nd December - Matinee

1. Sam

2. Neville Rowe

3. Lucinda Rowe

Saturday 2nd December - Evening

1. Sam



Thanks in advance and contact me direct on 07568098761 or

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