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Membership Fees, Youth Reps & Social

Hi Everyone,

The AGM seems such a long time ago, but there are a couple of things I wanted to talk about following that meeting and last week’s main Committee meeting.

Membership Fees

At the AGM in July we discussed how much each of us pays to be a member of Pirton Players. At present it’s £10 a year. We agreed that we should review this, with the idea of increasing it to £20 a year.

Because lots of members missed the AGM this year I promised that I would consult more widely. So, here’s your chance to have your say. We haven’t increased the annual membership payment for a considerable period of time, and yet our HQ costs - the cost of running the group on a day to day basis - continues to increase, so it feels timely. Also, when you compare us to other local societies, we are still very inexpensive.

If I don’t hear from you, I will assume you are happy with this arrangement. If not, then please feel free to contact me as soon as you can. We are having an additional committee meeting before Christmas to cover this off and to keep the momentum up on our plans for youth engagement and representation.

Youth Representation

At the AGM, Sophie Carroll and Rebecca Turner put themselves forward to be Youth Representative on the main committee. Following a useful discussion at both the AGM at the main committee meeting last week, I thought I would say some more about this.

What is the role of the youth reps?

In a nutshell, and to allow the youth reps as much of a blank canvas as possible, it is to encourage engagement amongst young people in the village (and beyond) in Pirton Players’. We all recognise the need to attract younger members to the group;

· It gives the Artistic Committee greater scope in terms of plays and musicals which requires a younger and/or broader age demographic.

  • It gives us the opportunity to grow young people ‘up and through’ the group, ensuring we always have healthy levels of membership and engagement.

  • It gives us the chance to share the incredible wealth of knowledge we have as a group in all aspects of amateur theatre.

  • It gives the younger members the chance to put on workshops, performances and other initiatives under their steam - with resource and support provided by the group.

Those of you who have seen enough ‘Big Spirit’ productions in Hitchin will know that, more often than not, they are of a higher standard than Bancroft Players, and there is no reason why Pirton Players can’t support a vibrant youth wing - for want of a better word.

The Artistic Committee have already indicated that they are ready to support Sophie and Rebecca ‘with anything they need’, and I know there’ll be many of you prepared to do the same. There are already a lot of ideas coming forward; from putting on a summer show, to summer workshops, one act plays, etc. So, if you would like to help in anyway, then can you contact Sophie and Rebecca direct.

In the meantime, Sophie and Rebecca will keep in touch with Zoe Woodward who will keep both committees updated with progress. Exciting times.


Finally, please put Friday 14th December in your diary for our Christmas drinks. From 19.,30 onwards, venue TBC, but we are hoping it will be in the new bar at The Village Hall. More to follow.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read through all this, and please feel free to feedback to me or any of the two committees if you have questions or observations.


Mark Sadler

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