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Play Reading Wednesday

Tonight (Nov 25th) we will be reading another if Philip Pullman's Grimm Tales, this time "The Three Little Men in the Woods"

The script can be found in the new File Share section of the website. Hover over "members" and click "File Share" - If you are on a mobile device you can get to the file share section by tapping "members" from the little menu and then "File Share"

In there select "scripts" and you should find tonight's script at the top of the list (plus all the others we have read over the last 8 months). If you can't find it send me an email on and I'll forward you a copy.

To join in you need to follow the link below and if you're asked for a password it's 01462 - We will start reading at 8pm.

Meeting ID: 234 379 844.

The better the quality of connection the more enjoyable the reading. With the experience we now have, we recommend:

1.You join on the largest screen you have eg a PC or laptop, preferably with a wired connection to the internet. Some have managed to use phones but it is harder.

2.If you want to read, print out the play beforehand or have it on a separate screen beside you. These are only suggestions. We will be pleased to have your company whatever equipment you use.

We hope to see you tonight


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