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Sweet Charity

Happy New Year!

Sweet Charity rehearsals are well underway. We started the music rehearsals at the beginning of December under the baton of our MD, John Edwards. We will be moving to the stage in the next week or so - Covid permitting.

The show dates are March 30th - April 2nd,

The show is cast and we already have a good number of people on the creative team who will be working on the set, technical side and wardrobe. We have a Stage Manager, Front of House Manager and Bar Manager too and already offers of help backstage.

Graham, assisted by Trevor and Chris will be building the set but they would be very pleased to have assistance!

I have been offered help in sourcing and making props but would be very pleased to hear from someone who would be willing to oversee the props and check we have everything we need.

I will also be delighted to hear from those who have flair with painting and would like to help with the scenery.

If you can help in anyway in the run up to the show or during the show week itself I'd love to hear from you. If you'd be interested in being part of the team but not sure what is involved please get in touch! Email please to

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