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Update for Play Reading 17 June

This week we are going to read two very short and rather unusual plays. The first is The Surprising Story of Alfred, Warden of the Tower, a very lighthearted play in which Alfred is haunted by previous occupants of the Tower of London to be led by Lucinda. The second is a dramatised version of one of the Grimm's Fairy Tales to be led by Anton. Alfred and The Donkey Cabbage are both in the Documents section of the website. If you have any problem downloading Anton will share his screen.

As usual, if you want to read it helps casting if you email Anton on or Lucinda on

Anton remains the technical host so please log in using zoom from 7.45pm with the link below which is the same as last week. You may need the password (01462) We will start reading at 8pm.

Meeting ID: 234 379 844.

The better the quality of connection the more enjoyable the reading. With the experience we now have, Anton and I recommend:1.You join on the largest screen you have eg a PC or laptop preferably with a wired connection to the internet. Some have managed to use phones but it is harder.2.If you want to read, print out the play beforehand or have it on a separate screen beside you. The play can be found in the documents section of the website.These are only suggestions. We will be pleased to have your company whatever equipment you use.

Hope to see you all later today.


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