Wolves Cast Announced!

We’re pleased to announce the cast list for WoWC. We had a a very standard of auditions and casting was not straightforward. Maxine and I would like to thank everyone who came along and those who have generously offered to help with the production in various ways.

Rehearsals start tomorrow!

Cast list(in order of appearance):

Narrator:  Sophie Caroll James:  Elise Budd Bonnie:  Amelie Peters Guard: Paul Kerswill Sylvia: Kaia Sweatman Mr Grimshaw: Michael Tackley Sir Willoughby: Paul Kerswill Miss Slighcarp: Justine McCreith Mrs Brisket: Stella Turner Simon: Joe Emler Dr Morne: Joe Emler Inspector: Paul Kerswill Emma: Elise Budd Mr Wilderness: Paul Kerswill Dr Field : Paul Ribbans Mr Gripe: Paul Kerswill


Charlotte and Victoria Woodhouse, Skye Simmons, Jake McCreith, Elise Budd.

Janet and Maxine


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