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March 03, 1995

The Rural Variety Show

What a stunning and superb show we were recently privileged to see. It was such a happy event for performers and audience alike. It was obvious that everyone taking part was enjoying it and we, the audience, certainly did. From start to finish it was a triumph for all concerned.

Such a wealth of talent was unveiled – we had just about everything! Judy and Alistair led us smoothly from one splendid performance to another and Margaret at the piano did a marvellous job with great panache.

As to the acts themselves – what talented performers! The youngsters sang beautifully and looked delightful and then we had the individual singers with a variety of modern and well-known songs; the Barber Shop quartet; the sextet with their hopes of entering different professions and the choir with their selection of lovely songs.

The instrumentalists were excellent; again so talented and giving us more moments of pleasure. The various sketches were very witty and well-performed and each one was received with well deserved applause. We even had real culture with our National Gallery of great paintings; the Mona Lisa, the Laughing Cavalier and Rodin’s masterpiece (A lot of ‘thinking’ must have gone into that sketch).

All concerned in any way with the production, and there are so many, deserve our grateful thanks. Much hard work goes on behind the scenes and the costumes, lighting and stage sets were all really professional.

Thanks to Geoff, whose idea it all was, for getting it off the ground and being responsible for providing us with a memorable and marvellous miscellany of magical moments (apologies to Leonard Sachs!). The Royal Variety Show can look to its laurels. [Review by Marjorie Soulsby]

Director - Geoff Welch

Artiste  -  Judy McDonnell
Artiste  -  Roger Blackburn
Artiste  -  Maureen Bradley
Artiste  -  Roy Brittain
Artiste  -  Katy Davis
Artiste  -  Tory Evans
Artiste  -  John Farnworth
Artiste  -  Paul Falkner
Artiste  -  Ann Fausset
Artiste  -  Pam Finbow
Artiste  -  Helen Hofton
Artiste  -  Margaret James
Artiste  -  Mike James
Artiste  -  Emma Jaynes
Artiste  -  Stephen Jaynes
Artiste  -  Margaret Johnson
Artiste  -  Mark Johnson
Artiste  -  Peter Johnson
Artiste  -  Emily Jones
Artiste  -  Angela Kefford
Artiste  -  Laura Kennedy
Artiste  -  Sue Kennedy
Artiste  -  Paul Kerswill
Artiste  -  Chris Knights
Artiste  -  David Fisher
Artiste  -  Eric Franklin
Artiste  -  Christine Gammell
Artiste  -  Dudley Gentle
Artiste  -  Paul Gibbons
Artiste  -  Sheila Gibbons
Artiste  -  Fizz Gibbs
Artiste  -  Graham Gibbs
Artiste  -  Valmai Guess
Artiste  -  Hilda Handscombe
Artiste  -  Ron Hart
Artiste  -  John Souster
Artiste  -  Valerie Souster
Artiste  -  Jean Stapleton
Artiste  -  Marie Tackley
Artiste  -  Michael Tackley
Artiste  -  Victoria Tackley
Artiste  -  Joe Titmuss
Artiste  -  Paul Turner
Artiste  -  Stella Turner
Artiste  -  Ted Turner
Artiste  -  Dave Wallace
Artiste  -  Kathryn Wallace
Artiste  -  Liz Wallace
Artiste  -  Derek Webb
Artiste  -  Helen Wallace
Artiste  -  Malcolm Lloyd-Smith
Artiste  -  Stephanie Madden
Artiste  -  Helen Manders
Artiste  -  Fran Manning
Artiste  -  Lynda Matthews
Artiste  -  Alistair Moon
Artiste  -  Ginny Morton
Artiste  -  Mike Newbery
Artiste  -  Keith Parkins
Artiste  -  Pat Parkins
Artiste  -  Matthew Pearson
Artiste  -  Pauline Pearson
Artiste  -  John Potipher
Artiste  -  Pauline Potipher
Artiste  -  Paul Ribbans
Artiste  -  Susie Welch
Artiste  -  Jonty Wild
Artiste  -  John Williams
Artiste  -  Dave Woodward
Artiste  -  Dick Woodward
Artiste  -  Ron Rogers
Artiste  -  Penny Picken
Artiste  -  Barrie Simmons
Artiste  -  Jan Simmons
Artiste  -  Marjorie Soulsby
Artiste  -  Keiron Jones

Director - Geoff Welch

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