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March 22, 2017

Blithe Spirit

If Lucinda hadn't nobbled me, and I hadn't been too slow to think of an excuse, I wouldn't have gone to see Blithe Spirit. It isn't of my favourite plays. It would have been my loss, though, as it was a very stylish and enjoyable production.


I was hooked from the start. Janet and Michael Tackley slotted superbly into character as Charles and Ruth Condomine. Kat Foxworthy, as the keen to please Edith, was just right and Graham Gibbs and Jill Rogers were exactly what you wanted as the reliable, solid Bradmans. Enter Judy McDonnell as Madame Arcarti - wonderfully over the top and entertaining. Finally, Danielle Peters, in her (unbelievably!) first role, was captivating as the ghost of Elvira, Charles' first wife. We'll see more of her in the future, I'm sure.


Talking about seeing, the cast completely convinced the audience that only Charles could see Elvira. As she floated about the stage, I wanted to shout "she's behind you" to the disbelievers. She was beautifully sulky, pouting and manipulating and on more than one occasion I wanted to slap Charles for allowing himself still to be drawn to her. Ah, the weakness of men.......


I went on the first night. I was told afterwards that there had been some adlibbing - I had wondered - but everything fitted and made sense so the professionalism of the cast pulled it off. All in all, it was a great evening. The set, the props, the sound, the costumes - all far better than one might expect from a village drama group. Congratulations to all involved, and especially to Lucinda for her observant direction. How lucky we are in Pirton to have the talent and expertise of the Pirton Players. I look forward to many more enjoyable productions and in future won't let my preconceptions get in the way! [Review by Tory Kitchener]

Director − Lucinda Rowe
Assistant Director − Loretta Concannon
Producer − Sophie Davies

Edith - Kat Foxworthy
Elvira - Danielle Peters
Ruth Condomine - Janet Tackley
Charles Condomine - Michael Tackley
Madame Arcati - Judy McDonnell
Dr Bradman - Graham Gibbs
Mrs Bradman - Jill Rogers
Voice of Daphne - Elodie Peters

Director − Lucinda Rowe
Assistant Director − Loretta Concannon
Producer − Sophie Davies
Stage Manager − Trevor Clark
Set Design − Graham Gibbs
Set Builders − Graham Gibbs, Paul Kerswill,
Dudley Gentle, Dave Tinney, Chris Peters
Stage Crew − Phil Carroll, Clive Grifn,
Paul Ribbans
Wardrobe − Valmai Guess, Sue Richards
Sound − Mark Sadler
Lighting − Stuart Clark
Special Effects − Clive Grifn, Paul Kerswill
Prompt − Rosie Hamilton-McLeod
Props − Julie Dawson
Hair & Makeup − Michelle Farr
Front of House − Stella Turner and team
Box Ofce − Stella Turner
Publicity − Mark Sadler
Poster & Programme Design − Roger Burton
Photography − David Joyce, Dave Tinney
Bar − Edward Picken and team

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