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Spring Production: Sweet Charity

The Spring production will be ‘Sweet Charity’ which is a musical play directed by Mark Savage.

So – who’s ready to get back on the stage?

I am delighted to confirm that we will be launching our Spring production of ‘Sweet Charity’ on the 24th November, with a talk through in the Village Hall starting at 7:30pm.


Dates for your diary:

Talk through – 24 November

Auditions – 1 + 5 December

Music rehearsals – 8, 12, 15, 19 December, 2 January

Production rehearsals commence 5 January

Show week – 30 March – 2 April


Charity is undoubtedly the star of the show, but it’s a great company show, with colourful characters, and lots of opportunities for the chorus to take on cameo roles. There is plenty for everybody to do. It’s a wonderful score, including well-known numbers such as ‘Hey! Big Spender!’, ‘If My Friends Could See Me Now’ and ‘The Rhythm Of Life’.


I am aware there will be quite a few of you who are unfamiliar with the show. At the talk through I will be outlining the characters, and we will read through the script and listen to the score. If you are not ready to perform on stage, but would like to help us in any of the behind-the-scenes roles, then please come along and find out what the show has to offer.


Please see below a list of characters in the show.


I look forward to seeing many of you at the talk through and the auditions!


Mark Savage







The girl who wanted to be loved. Good-natured, and rather too trusting – particularly when it comes to men! Star of the show and rarely off stage. Five solo numbers, plus duets and company numbers. Acting age: 20 – 35.



Charity’s closest friends who are hostesses at the Fandango Ballroom. They lead the ‘Big Spender’ number, have a big number with Charity ‘There’s Gotta Be Something Better Than This’ and a duet ‘Baby Dream Your Dream’. Also involved in company number ‘I Love To Cry At Weddings’. Six scenes of dialogue. Acting age: 30 – 45.



A man whom Charity befriends and eventually falls in love with. A quirky, rather neurotic character – a tax accountant by profession. One solo and one duet with Charity. Six scenes of dialogue. Acting age: 30 – 45.



The authoritarian owner of the Fandango Ballroom. Leads the company number ‘I Love To Cry At Weddings’. Three scenes of dialogue. Mature, acting age: 40 – 60.



A famous Italian movie star. Three scenes of dialogue and one solo ‘Too Many Tomorrows’. Acting age: 30 – 50.



Vittorio’s glamorous girlfriend. Two scenes of dialogue. Acting age: 20 – 35.



Vittorio’s butler.



The enigmatic leader of the Rhythm Of Life Church. Leads the ‘Rhythm Of Life’ company number.



Dancers at the Fandango Ballroom. ‘Big Spender’ number, and five scenes of dialogue. Acting age: 20 – 40.



The new dancer at the Fandango Ballroom. Acting age: 20 – 25.



Five musical numbers: ‘Rhythm of Life’, ‘Sweet Charity’, ‘I’m A Brass Band’, ‘I Love To Cry At Weddings’, ‘See Me Now’ (Bows). Dialogue in seven scenes (five in Act 1, two in Act 2).

Plus about 20 cameo roles (which may be doubled up)

Click here to find out more about Membership, Auditions and Backstage Roles.

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