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November 14, 2018

High Society

‘High Society’, Pirton Players’ latest production, was like a delightful glass of bubbly that fizzed along at a great pace. Under the control of Margaret Johnson and led by Clifton Hughes, the band made the most of Cole Porter’s score and really brought the music to life with some lovely nuances that really helped to create the mood.  The chorus of maids and waiters sang and acted heartily, whilst seamlessly manoeuvring around furniture and props and remaining in keeping with their roles.

The lead characters were well chosen and portrayed their parts well.  Danielle Peters played Tracy Lord beautifully and shone from start to finish.  I loved all the different sides to her character and Danielle portrayed them with ease, turning in a genuinely believable performance.  Similarly her leading men, Trevor Clark as the ever so dull – but ever so funny - George, and Luke Crouch as Dexter with his warm, rich singing voice, were good foils for the effervescent Tracy.

As Dinah, Ruby Clark was the perfect contrast as the younger but very knowing, little sister to Tracy. Her performance was made all the funnier by her perfect delivery and deadpan expression.

The reporters, Mike (Mark Savage) and Liz (Amanda Vines) had great chemistry and I particularly liked their opening song “Who wants to be a millionaire?”.  Congratulations also to Amanda for her choreography and for successfully manoeuvring such a large cast within a relatively limited space.

Of the remaining characters, Mother Lord (sung beautifully by Ruth Smith), Uncle Willie (Graham Gibbs) and Seth Lord (Dennis Sexton) each added great quality, humour and sparkle to the proceedings.
As Director, Lorna Sexton managed a great cast and created a magical evening of entertainment.  As with all Pirton Players’ shows, the scenery was excellent as was the lighting, which really set the mood for the different scenes. The costumes, particularly that of Tracy and Mother Lord, were stunning.  Well done to all the usual behind the scenes unsung heroes and congratulations to Pirton Players on another winning production. [Review by: Alison Gibbs]

Download programme (PDF)

Tracy Lord - Danielle Peters
Mother Lord - Ruth Smith
Dinah Lord - Ruby Clark
Uncle Willie - Graham Gibbs
Dexter - Luke Crouch
Liz - Amanda Vines
Mike - Mark Savage
George - Trevor Clark
Seth Lord - Dennis Sexton

Butlers - Paul Kerswill, Chris Peters, Peter Johnson & Dave Tinney
Maids - Sophie Davies, Julie Dawson, Rhiannon Gibbs, Stevie Gibbs, Valmai Guess, Julia Hawkins, Mary Hollingdale, Justine McCreith, Antonietta Tinney, Rebecca Turner, Stella Turner & Viv Tyler

Conductor - Margaret Johnson
Keyboards - Clifton Hughes
Viola - Emily Clark
Clarinets & Alto/Soprano Sax - Howard Etherington

With thanks to
Pirton Village Stores, The Barn and Harlequin Costume Hire

Director - Lorna Sexton
Producer - Stella Turner
Assistant Producer - Rebecca Turner
Choreography - Amanda Vines & Mark Savage
Stage Manager - Paul Kerswill
Stage Crew - Butlers & Maids
Set - Graham Gibbs
Set Design - Penny Picken & Jacqueline Hockley
Painting - Jacqueline Hockley
Props - Janet Tackley & Team
Wardrobe - Valmai Guess & Team
Prompt - Rosie Hamilton McLeod
Lighting - Reuben Harvey
Sound - Clive Griffin
Poster and Programme Design - Rebecca Turner
Box Office - Stella Turner
Publicity - Mark Sadler
Bar - Ed Picken & Team
Front of House - Anne Peters & Team
Photography - Rebecca Turner & Kev Vines

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