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June 14, 2012

Midsummer Nights Dream

What a wonderful evening! The beautiful setting of Hill Farm was so fitting for the Pirton Players production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Sitting in the leafy garden with the rustling of trees, gentle bird song and the evening light slowly fading overhead was pure magic. From the beginning, the audience were captivated with the melodic musicians, singers and clear narration in this accessible edited version of the play which kept even the youngest children mesmerised. True love certainly doesn’t run smoothly for the misaligned lovers; the yearning and persistent Helena coupled with the stern and resolute Demetrius captured the frustration of unrequited love whilst the pure and graceful Hermia and loving, devoted Lysander captured the sweetness of their resolve to be together.


The mischievous and meddling Puck created havoc for the entangled star crossed lovers and established a great rapport with the audience. Oberon and Titania were aptly quarrelsome and played their games at the expense of all, a sprinkling of magic dust created comic consequences!

One of the highlights of the evening was watching the children play the delightful fairies and the enchanting elf, arriving in the woods by train, they were magical and mischievous, with lovely movement and a charming dance by Stevie Gibbs really bringing the ethereal atmosphere into its picturesque setting.

Finally, the troupe of travelling players was magnificent. The play within a play had the audience in stitches, their group rapport was effortless and their comic timing precise. Bottom, played by Michael Tackley was hilarious and with his confident delivery, he kept the play moving at just the right pace and created comedy aplenty.

Even the British summer showers could not distract from this enjoyable Midsummers Night evening of entertainment, packed with humour, magic and fairies!


[Review by: Nic Stammers]

Director - Margaret Johnson

Director - Loretta Concannon

Producer - Stella Turner


Dancer - Stevie Gibbs
Demetrius - Phill Brown
Egeus - Aidan Dwyer
Fairy - Olivia Abbiss
Fairy - Aoife Brooks
Fairy - Liam Brooks
Fairy - Elena Chappell
Fairy - Eve Cook
Fairy - Sadie Easterbrook
Fairy - Ellie Eva
Fairy - Shirin Keshavarz
Fairy - Lizzie Rowe
Fairy - Emily Robbins
Fairy - Mollie Stoner
Fairy - Victoria Turner
Fairy - Rebecca Turner
Francis Flute - Joe Embler
Helena - Lou Robinson
Hermia - Lucinda Rowe
Hippolyta - Sophie Davies
Lysander - Richard Easterbrook
Moth - Kaia Sweatman
Mustardseed - Jenny White
Narrator - Ann Fausset
Nick Bottom - Michael Tackley
Oberon - Mark Sadler
Peaseblossom - Issy Cooper
Peter Quince - Dudley Gentle
Puck - Sue Kennedy
Robin Starveling - Paul Kerswill
Snug - Peter Johnson
Starvelings Dog - Ed the Dog
Theseus - Chris Carrell
Titania - Janet Tackley
Tom Snout - Thomas Rowe


Chaperone  -  Debbie Keating
Chaperone  -  Kim Cook
Chaperone  -  Mary Hollingdale
Chaperone  -  Michelle Stoner
Chaperone  -  Viv Tyler
Chaperone  -  Gena Edwards
Chaperone  -  Alison Gibbs
Chaperone  -  Julie Dawson
Chaperone  -  Sheila Brooks
Chaperone  -  Gina Railton
Chorus  -  Sue Wookey
Chorus  -  Valmai Guess
Chorus  -  Barbara Robertson
Chorus  -  Maxine Shearer
Chorus  -  Stella Turner
Chorus  -  Viv Tyler
Chorus  -  Amanda Vines
Chorus  -  Jo Bigg
Chorus  -  Gena Edwards
Chorus  -  Fizz Gibbs
Costumes  -  Valmai Guess
Creative Consultant  -  Debbie Bassnett
Director  -  Loretta Concannon
Director  -  Margaret Johnson
Front of House  -  Neville Rowe
Front of House  -  Carol Brown
Front of House  -  Gena Edwards
Front of House  -  Emily Hyde
Musician  -  Valmai Guess
Musician  -  Peter Harding
Musician  -  Jackie Cowan
Percussion  -  Susie Welch
Producer  -  Stella Turner
Programme  -  Stella Turner
Props  -  Sue Kennedy
Props  -  Debbie Bassnett
Props  -  Stella Turner
Props  -  Victoria Turner
Set  -  Penny Picken
Singer  -  Maxine Shearer
Singer  -  Barbara Robertson
Sound  -  Graham Gibbs
Stage  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Stage  -  Val Bryant

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