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Railway Children Cast List

Deb, Lucinda and I were delighted by both sets of auditions for The Railway Children which were held on the 20th and 23rd November. It was very obvious that people had put a lot of thought and attention into their auditions and the standard of audition caused us much food for thought and discussion.

The standard for Bobbie and Phyllis was exceptionally high and as a result we will be having a double cast for these roles.

After much consideration this is the cast list:

Bobbie: Sophie Carroll( 3 shows) and Ruby Clark

Phyllis: Lauren Easton ( 3 shows) and Erin Watts

Peter: Oscar Easterbrook

Perks: Anton Jungreuthmayer

Mrs. Perks: Julie Dawson

Perks Child: Sasha Kewell

Mother: Alison Gibbs

Mrs Viney: Sue Kennedy

Mr Szezcpansky: Mark Savage

Doctor: Dan Weiss

Old Gentleman: Michael Tackley

Jim: Max Campbell

Ensemble: Laura Beacham,Trevor Clark, Wendy Court, Clare Easterbrook, Chris Peters, Danielle Peters, Skye Simmons, Dave Tinney,

There a number of parts i.e. Father, Cook, Maid, Bystanders, Workers, Superintendent, Voices, runners that will be filled by the Ensemble and these will be allocated once rehearsals start.


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