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The all new PP Website! What it can do and how it all works......

We are now one week into the regime of the new Pirton Players website and so far we have 50 members signed up. Hopefully you have had a look at the Past Productions page and also seen the list of upcoming events in the Diary.

The most important thing to do right now is to ensure you have subscribed to emails which you can do by logging into the website and clicking on the circle shown in red below:

When you have clicked this select "Settings". Click on the Subscribe button shown in the red circle below.

The rest of this article talks briefly about some of the things you can do with the new site.

There is a Mobile Phone version!

The new PP website is completely mobile phone friendly so you can visit on your mobile device and you should see the website. I would encourage all members to take a look at the site on their phone, log-in and especially try out the Noticeboard. You can take pictures and video directly from your phone and upload them to the Noticeboard for all to see - this should be great for sharing rehearsal pictures or for showing the type of props you are looking for. The site looks fine on my iPhone but I could do with some Android users to test out the functions.


When you log into the website you will see a button labelled "Create Post". This appears at the top of the noticeboard. All members of the website can add things to the noticeboard and if you have signed up for emails (see above) then you will get an email whenever anyone adds something new.

The noticeboard allows you to add pictures and videos - you can also send pictures to it directly from your mobile phone. New posts will always appear at the top of the list and the Noticeboard is shown to you automatically whenever you log-in or click on the Members option at the top of the screen.

Add Event

The red "Add Event" button allows you to add content to the Diary page. As a member of the website you can add events so that they appear on the Diary page to all visitors to the website. The Add Events screen allows you to upload a file - you can add Word documents and PDF files.

You can add an event using your mobile phone - just visit

Add File

You can upload Word, Excel or PDF files to the website and they will be available to all members of the site via the Documents page. Remember to give your file a short name and be patient whilst it uploads to the site.

Send Photos
If you have a lot of pictures (e.g. from a rehearsal) that you want to include on the website you can send them directly to the website administrator (Woody) using Send Photos. The photos you upload will be sent to my Dropbox folder where they can be reviewed before being added to the appropriate page on the site.

Friendly web links
All of the pages on the website have a friendly web address e.g. and so you can bookmark things for easy access.

You could create a shortcut to the Diary Dates page and have it on your phone so that you can always quickly see what is going on with the group. All of the show pages have nice addresses also e.g.

Remember to scroll down to the bottom to see the pictures! If you have any pictures or content for the website please let me know.

And Finally
This is your website and it needs your content. The more you use it the better it will become and the more people will look at it. I am always open to new ideas so if there is something you would like the site to do then please contact me.

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