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Hello everyone - hope you're all doing ok. Tonight (weds 25th March) we will be conducting the first of what we hope will be a regular ongoing event - a virtual play reading. If you want to join in you’ll need either a computer with camera and microphone, a smart phone or a tablet. We’ll be using Zoom which some may be familiar with - it’s a video conferencing app which allows lots of us to collaborate online. You’ll need to download Zoom on your computer or the Zoom app on your phone/tablet and register as a user. It’s pretty straightforward once you’re set up but if you do have problems then you can contact Michael, Peter or Me and we'll do our best to try and guide you through. We’re going to start the reading at 8pm but the zoom meeting will be available from 7.30 to give everyone a chance to get logged in and familiar with the app. If there are more than one of you in the house who want to join in you only need one device to join the meeting.. The play we’ll be reading is Noel Cowards One act play “Still Life” which was the prototype for his famous film “Brief Encounter”. The script is available in the documents section of the Pirton Players website but if you find it tricky to get hold of let me know and I'll send you a copy. There are 11 parts of varying size so the fairest way is probably to allocate them on a first come first served basis but if course you don't have to read if you don't want to. If you want to join in (and why wouldn’t you? I mean what else will you be doing?) Then drop me an email, text, whatsapp or whatever and make sure to let me know if you want to read or just listen. At 7.30 I will publish the link to the meeting by whatever means I have at my disposal along with who is reading which part. It would be great to get loads of us involved as I’m sure like me you’re missing regular contact with your fellow Pirtonites. I look forward to what should be an interesting experiment and The first of what we hope will become a regular event. Anton

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