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March 21, 2012

The Sound Of Music

You can tell when spring has sprung in Pirton - it’s the tell tale sound of music emanating from the Village Hall. Twelve months ago, the Players tackled the Broadway Musical, “Annie” … this year the hills have literally been alive with ‘The Sound of Music.

From the very beginning of the show to the very end, the quality of the choreography, musicianship and vocal harmonies in particular, shone through. The entrance of the Nuns from the back of the Hall made the hairs stand on end, just wonderful and I really enjoyed the no nonsense Mother Abbess, played so wonderfully by Maxine Shearer.

The role of Maria would have presented a challenge to even the most experienced of Pirton players, and Justine McCreith endeared herself to the audience night after night – her movement, in particular, worthy of note. Impressive when you consider this was her first leading role.

Michael Tackley was confident and credible as the Captain, as was Lucinda Rowe as Elsa, while I thought Chris really captured the nervousness of Max come the Anschluss. Peter Donovan and Aidan Dwyer did a good job reprising previous roles as Butler and nasty Nazi, as did Lorna playing Frau Schmidt. The Reverend James Robertson, however, as the Priest, delivered the most authentic of all the adult performances!

As was the case twelve months ago, it was the younger cast that stole this show. From the tenderness and awkwardness so expertly portrayed by Stevie Gibbs and Adam Wood in ‘Sixteen going on Seventeen’, the scene of the show, to the complete package of performances from Jacob Wood, Victoria Turner, Thomas Rowe, Ellie Tonge, Issy Cooper and Kaia Sweatman as the Von Trapp children. This young cast did themselves proud in this production.

The set design from Anton and Lottie was ingenious, the band were great, and while there simply aren’t enough words to mention the contribution from each and everyone of the backstage crew, but I must congratulate Amanda Vines for the quality of the choreography. It was really superb, and I want to say thank-you to the team who work so tirelessly behind the bar night after night, production after production, led by Malcolm Brodie.

Without the vision and superb direction of Anton Jungreuthmayer, the fantastic work that Stella Turner put into producing, and the brilliant Musical direction of Duncan Sykes, this show simply wouldn’t have been possible. Well done Anton and Duncan, you have set the bar high for the shows still to come this year.

I think we are blessed with some exceptional talent in this village. What other group do you know, drawn from such a tight community, who can deliver as varied a Programme of productions, from Oscar Wilde’s Ideal Husband to Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream and from Calendar Girls to The Sound of Music all in the space of twelve months. We are spoilt indeed. [Review by: Mark Sadler]

Director  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Musical Director  -  Duncan Sykes
Producer  -  Stella Turner

Baron Elberfeld  -  Peter Johnson
Baroness Elberfeld  -  Viv Tyler
Brigitta  -  Issy Cooper
Captain Von Trapp  -  Michael Tackley
Elsa Schraeder  -  Lucinda Rowe
Franz  -  Peter Donovan
Frau Schmidt  -  Lorna Sexton
Frau Zeller  -  Alison Cotterill
Fraulein Schweiger  -  Gena Edwards
Friedrich  -  Jacob Wood
German Soldier  -  Joe Embler
Gretl  -  Kaia Sweatman
Kurt  -  Thomas Rowe
Leisl  -  Stevie Gibbs
Louisa  -  Victoria Turner
Maria  -  Justine McCreith
Marta  -  Ellie Tonge
Max Detweiler  -  Chris Carrell
Mother Abbess  -  Maxine Shearer
Nuns Chorus  -  Stella Turner
Nuns Chorus  -  Jill Rogers
Nuns Chorus  -  Julie Dawson
Nuns Chorus  -  Sophie Davies
Nuns Chorus  -  Janet Tackley
Nuns Chorus  -  Barbara Robertson
Nuns Chorus  -  Jackie Cowan
Nuns Chorus  -  Lorna Sexton
Nuns Chorus  -  Gena Edwards
Nuns Chorus  -  Susie Welch
Nuns Chorus  -  Alison Banks
Nuns Chorus  -  Lucinda Rowe
Nuns Chorus  -  Alison Cotterill
Nuns Chorus  -  Valmai Guess
Nuns Chorus  -  Mary Hollingdale
Nuns Chorus  -  Viv Tyler
Nuns Chorus  -  Ann Fausset
Priest  -  Revd James Robertson
Priest  -  Graham Gibbs
Quartet of the saengerbun of Herwegan  -  Howard Etherington
Quartet of the saengerbun of Herwegan  -  Jackie Cowan
Quartet of the saengerbun of Herwegan  -  Duncan Sykes
Quartet of the saengerbun of Herwegan  -  Sophie Davies
Rolf  -  Adam Wood
Sister Berthe  -  Jill Rogers
Sister Berthe  -  Stella Turner
Sister Margaretta  -  Barbara Robertson
Sister Margaretta  -  Janet Tackley
Sister Sophia  -  Julie Dawson
Sister Sophia  -  Sophie Davies
The New Postulant  -  Alison Banks
Zeller  -  Aidan Dwyer

Chaperone  -  Margaret Johnson
Chaperone  -  Alison Gibbs
Chaperone  -  Lara Wood
Chaperone  -  Becca Tonge
Chaperone  -  Gina Railton
Childrens Hair  -  Victoria Turner
Childrens Hair  -  Emily Hyde
Choreography  -  Amanda Vines
Choreography  -  Stevie Gibbs
Costume Hire  -  Admiral Costumes
Costume Hire  -  Harlequin Hire
Costumes  -  Valmai Guess
Costumes  -  Stella Turner
Costumes  -  Nikki Clark
Costumes  -  Penny Picken
Costumes  -  Beth Harding
Costumes  -  Amanda Vines
Director  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Double Bass  -  Howard Etherington
Dresser  -  Gena Edwards
Dresser  -  Nicola Holt
Dresser  -  Emily Hyde
Flute  -  Sophie Davies
Front of House  -  Margaret Johnson
Front of House  -  Val Bryant
Front of House  -  Paul Turner
Front of House  -  Kevin Quinn
Front of House  -  Janet Quinn
Front of House  -  Rosie Hamilton-McLeod
Front of House  -  Carol Brown
Front of House  -  Yvonne Taylor
Front of House  -  Rebecca Turner
Furniture  -  The Abbey Theatre
Lighting  -  Debbie Bassnett
Musical Director  -  Duncan Sykes
Photography  -  Rupert Hennen
Piano  -  Duncan Sykes
Producer  -  Stella Turner
Programme Design  -  Sarah Oliver
Props  -  Sue Kennedy
Publicity  -  Peter Donovan
Rehearsal Photographs  -  Dave Woodward
Scenery Design  -  Lottie Jungreuthmayer
Set Construction  -  Graham Gibbs
Set Construction  -  Dudley Gentle
Set Construction  -  Dave Tinney
Set Design  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Set Painter  -  Loretta Concannon
Set Painter  -  Lottie Jungreuthmayer
Set Painter  -  Rebecca Turner
Set Painter  -  Debbie Keating
Set Painter  -  Victoria Turner
Set Painter  -  Penny Picken
Set Painter  -  Anton Jungreuthmayer
Set Painter  -  Sue Kennedy
Setting Lights  -  Nicola Stammers
Sound  -  James King
Stage Crew  -  Graham Gibbs
Stage Crew  -  Debbie Keating
Stage Crew  -  Gavin Worsey
Stage Crew  -  Dudley Gentle
Stage Manager  -  Paul Kerswill
Technical  -  Peter Johnson
Violin  -  Jackie Cowan

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